Saturday, August 12, 2006 

nothing more . . .

with nothing left to say, and to make an attempt at a life free from all the things that held me bound for so long, this is the end of son of fog.


Saturday, August 05, 2006 

It's funny what you can find truth in . . .

"It is amazing how much crisper the general experience of life becomes when your body is given a chance to develop a little strength." -- Frank Duff

i really, really need to start working out . . . this is ridiculous!!!


Friday, August 04, 2006 


we were taught to wish
upon stars to make
our dreams come true,

and often i have wondered
how those infinite lights could hear me,
if my request ever reached their sparkling ears.

is there a celestial secretary,
Cassiopeia maybe, writing fervently
every wish with a comet's tail
dipped in the sun?

or Orion, guardian of the night,
grasping the hilt of the Little Dipper
(or the big one for grown ups),
extending his long arm down into the pot
like a bingo caller, announcing
the winning wish for that night --

an old man
at the back of the community center,
winning for the first time.


Monday, July 24, 2006 

Jim and Me

Jim is (for the three minutes i spent
with him) a genuinely nice guy.

which is why i called him a jerk.
what with all of his smiling "how are yous,"

contemptable contentment, voice beating,
bleeding virtue into my eardrums.

on time. never late. and professionally
polite. correct in every way.

why, Jim, must you do this today? make me
hate you just five minutes before i leave

my cubicaled asylum and step into a summer
that is hotter than hell?


Friday, July 21, 2006 

Humpty Dumpty's Last Thoughts

what were they, i wonder, as he sat
stoically on top of gravity.

reflections on the simple complexities of eggdom?
"don't get too hot", "take care not to trip as you walk."

or did deeper thoughts swirl in his yolky brain:
his purpose, his childern, his impending

retirement as keeper of the king's horses?
hunched over in the dark night perhaps

defeated, depressed? contemplating a fall
to the bottom of a life long struggle of

being just like every other egg
plain -- white.

i think it was probably more anti-climactic,
like most things in life. arching too far backward,

watching a cloud change from shape to shape:
from tree, to elephant, to castle.


Friday, July 07, 2006 

A piece of my ancestry . . .

. . . and boy lemme tell 'ya how proud i am!!!!!

click here for the experience.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006 

Life in a Small Town

About 2 hours ago I finished repairing the front left tire on my car, and it never ceases to irritate me how inconvenient a half inch piece of metal can be. What I wanted to do but actually didn't (because I still like to tease myself how "sane" I still am) was set this little metallic piece of my night, now responsible for my vexation, and lecture it:
"Now listen. I know that you were just sitting in the road, minding your own business and I drove over you, forcing you to impale yourself through my steel belt and slowly release the air that pressurizes my tire, enabling me to commute to those places I need to go . . . but you've caused me quite an inconvenience. I'm tired and I did not want to go to Wal-Mart tonight at 10:00 to buy super thick puddy so I could fill the gap that you left when I removed you from your current residence. But you left me no choice. And now that you're out again, breathing the humid north Texas air, you do not even thank me. What do you have to say for your self?"
He, of course, sits in silent defiance, crosses his arms and stares into the spaces he'll never get to go because he knows this is the end for him. After the ordeal he is finished. Without a second thought or an ounce of compassion I relegate him to the nether-region . . . the abyss of my municipally provided trash bin. And, as I often do, I take personal the events of my evening and consider myself in light of this object.
I actually didn't mind getting out tonight. My drive to the mecca of consumerism was a peaceful one. I had no traffic issues, there were no riots or exremely long lines at the store, and the quiet night air of the small town where I live was soft and cool on my tired head. I realized on the way back from the store just how peaceful a small town can be at night after a hard worked Monday.
My route takes me through downtown and on this typical small town strip, vacant of blinking traffic lights and all night vagabonds, the street was softly lit. It wasn't glaring and wasn't busy like the downtown streets of bigger cities. One could cross the street here without looking both directions and probably walk up and down the street 20 times without seeing another soul. The tiny shops and offices were empty and recited a long lost credo that we as all day/all night people have forgotten. I'm sure there are old men who sit here in the afternoon and play chess or checkers, get their hair cut at the shop with the candy striped pole and stare at the people rushing on to bigger places with bigger names. I wonder if these men sit here because they can do nothing else or if there is a purpose in their meloncholy. If I were an old man, sitting in my small town with the bigger cities pregnant with industry and commercialism, pushing it's way into my peaceful, quiet existence, I may only be able to watch as it all comes crashing down. New, bigger stores with fancy gadgets and gizmos, all manufactured with me in mind. Assembled with care just for me so I could have what are more commonly known as "modern conveniences." Conveneinces that don't require me to dirty my hands. Conveniences that prolong my days to get more done.
Convenience=no more inconvenience.
No more late night trips to the store for super thick puddy . . . there are 200 different tire shops to do that for me, and in the big city of noise and pollution I might be more apt to do just that, I have in the past. But tonight I'm thankful that I still have my small town inconveniences. Without them I wouldn't have driven to the store. I wouldn't have had a soft summer breeze on my tired, worn out head. I wouldn't have had to cross the tiny, downtown street of my fair town. I would't have smiled at the sight or enjoyed the memory of it tonight. I would have let some other guy who has no relationship with my tiny piece of metal, set it up for a lecture, and ramble on about how he wishes he were somewhere else.


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