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Sunday, June 19, 2005 

"I'm Batman!"

Yeah, the new Batman movie pretty much just re-set the standard for super-hero movies. Some of you (a-hem) mock me for my interest in and appreciation for super-hero movies. I loved both X-Men movies as well as both Spider-Man movies. I haven't yet seen Hulk (sorry Ragan, Eric) or Cat Woman. I feel bad about Hulk, but why in the world would I want to see what was called "worst movie of the year"? The first 2 X-Men were phenomenal, setting a movie precedent that others had to keep up with. Both Spider-Man movies were great, although in both of them I found a little bit of the "cheese" unnecessary and therefore found just a tad bit of taint in otherwise wonderful films. But Batman . . . oh goodness gracious. This movie was just downright awesome! It is a great super-hero action flick, of course, but the plot, storyline, acting, effects . . . it is an overall, well done film! Dark, violent, SCAREY!, and even quite emotional at times. It's a beginnings movie, hence Batman Begins, so the first half doesn't even have Batman in it. Rather, it's the story of how Bruce Wayne became Batman, a story that makes everything else fall into place and helps you appreciate the story and creativity of the original creators of the super-hero. Great movie, go see it, even if you don't like super-heroes. But if you don't like super-heroes, perhaps you should consider Aunt May's insight, "Everyone needs a super-hero."
That's all for now, if you've seen it, let me know how you liked it. Addison liked it, and he's terrified of super-heroes. He has superherophobia, but now that he hangs around me he's starting to warm up to us, er um, I mean them.

~ sof

i thought it was great too, it was good to see batman go back to way it was when tim burton directed the first two, much more dark, etc.


Haha Chris, you're Robin..I'm Batman :D

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