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Sunday, June 26, 2005 

now a word from our sponsor

by Robert Pinsky

I. The Day Dreamers

All day all over the city every person
Wanders a different city, sealed intact
And haunted as the abondoned subway stations
Under the city. Where is my alley doorway?

Stone gable, brick escarpment, cliffs of crystal.
Where is my terraced street above the harbor,
Cafe and hidden workshop, house of love?
Webbed vault, tile blackness. Where is my park, the path

Through conifers, my iron bench, a shiver
Of ivy and margin birch above the traffic?
A voice. There is a mountain and a wood
Between us -- one wrote, lovesick -- Where the late

Hunter and the bird have seen us. Aimless at dusk,
Heart muttering like any derelict,
Or working all morning, violent with will,
Where is my garland of lights? My silver rail?


aaaaaahhhh . . . that's nice.


Perhaps you passed right over, not caring what the stanzas had to say. Or perhaps you read them, giving no thought as to why it's there or how it has any significance for you whatsoever . . . the painting at the museum that everyone keeps staring at, but you just stare at them wondering, "what are you looking at?" If so, I recommend to you a book: How to Read a Poem and Fall in Love with Poetry by Edward Hirsch.

For everyone else . . . good poem, eh?


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