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Monday, July 04, 2005 

The Last Showdown

After much pestering, a certain Asian friend has guilted me into updating. ahem.

Actually, I've been meaning to blog this for several days but have been busy so I haven't. Tomorrow morning, America's Independence Day (I should differentiate for our global brothers and sisters), I will embark on an excursion (albeit 25 minutes) to Los Rios Country Club. Once there, I shall take issue with one Johnny Lanoue. Standing opposite him, with green and white outlined asphalt separating both our pride and our rackets, we will war for sole possession of the coveted "Once and For All Best Amateur Tennis Player Between the Two of Us Trophy." You see, Johnny is moving to Las Vegas, Nevada where there is less grass (the kind in your yard) and more money (the kind not in your bank account) than here in dang hot and humid Dallas, TX. Therefore, it must be decided: Who is the best? Will Johnny over power me, hitting cross court forehands and killer fast serves that I can never reach and burn me before I even get started? Or will I set the pace early, making him chase after my nasty and inconvenient drop shots (nasty and inconvenient only because he has bad knees) and kick serves that kick the wrong way and totally mess with his eyeballs? Only time will tell. But as for me, regardless of how bad he loses or how lucky he gets . . .

"You're a great man, tennis player, and friend Johnny . . . you'll be missed."



I did not see this until this morning, Tuesday 7:51am. We have to play the title match over. Of course this will we starting at 5-0 handicap. And also, the USTA rules state that if a player fails to show with a proper raquet he is automatically defaulted. Hmmmm.... was it even a legit match? heheheheheheheh

I'm very disappointed. I want to here about stupendous tennis match up. Hurry up and play!

well eric, i indeed did play johnny in said match. and johnny, now after the fact, has decided that it might not have been legitimate due to the fact that i had to play with his rackets instead of my own (because i broke my strings the last two times i played him). i think johnny might be struggling to find an out here, considering i beat him with rackets i had never used before, gave him 3 games per set handicap (actually, he gave himself those), and allowed myself to lose only, let's see . . . 2 games all match. granted, he has a hurt back, knees, and has had multiple operations . . . but i really don't see how that would really make a difference. so, when johnny flys me to vegas i'll be glad and bring properly strung rackets and grant him his 5 game handicap.


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