Wednesday, March 22, 2006 

Little Rascal!!!!

I suppose a post is in order, seeing as how I have had so many visitors today with nothing new to read, heck, I even got a hit from Japan!! "Hiya, Mr Roboto!!!" I was gonna post on Friday, something Irish and family heritagish (mom's side, dad really doesn't have a whole lot to do with that part, he's more responsible for the "mutt" part of me) and all, however, I regret to inform you that everything I had written was deleted by a small elf/gnome . . . known more popularly as a "leprechaun." The mischevous little guy was being his normal self, running around from pot of gold to pot of gold, taunting me with his games and laughter. If you do not know the history of the leprechaun, they are ancient to Ireland, centuries old and very, very mischevous. It is told that if one is too be caught, he is sworn by oath to take you to his pot of gold, making you wealthy beyond measure. They taunt with this gold, being extremely wiley and impossible to catch. Well, this one stole my post before I was finished, in an attempt to foil my plans of catching him and requiring of him his pot of gold. Well, he got away and my words with him. I've lost sight of him but have not given up the hunt. If you see him with my post, let me know . . . his name is Eliot.


Friday, March 10, 2006 

Americana (part iii)


white sheets match his skin.
the bleep of bed side monitors mock
his rate of life measured out in slow,
painful walks down cold, white-washed hallways.
and his fragile arms, tattooed with contusions of
purple and blue, embrace a portrait of his family,
their warm bodies huddled against him.
his daughter's hair tickling his face.
his son's precision with ball and bat.
his wife's hand; young, sincere,
placed gently on his chest as it rises
and falls.


Thursday, March 09, 2006 

Americana (part ii)


emperical evidence of emptiness en masse
resides in cracked open chests, with hearts like broken,
hollowed out stone, sewn together again leaving scars
like the scars of old homes. cracks in the walls telling stories
of yesterday's youth, now all grown up into dust
and unfurnished rooms.
the mystery of the still standing house.
memories disappearing into the fog.
the house secretly hoping for the same.


Wednesday, March 08, 2006 

Americana (part i)


headlights break pre-dawn
and announce the hustle, the race,
the drive to make the day worth living.
the day before tucked up under the arm
of a hurried, brief-cased soul:
"shackles and shame if demand goes hungry."
behind him at the door a nightgown stands
with a baby doll in one hand,
her heart in the other, wondering
which one will be fed first.


Monday, March 06, 2006 

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You

I should have some new stuff up soon . . . poetry that is. It may take a little bit because Elliot has managed to take over for a little while. Just a few issues with form and vocab., the usual stuff (for those who can feel my frustration). I'm using some of my b-day funds for the 2006 edition of Writers Market, it's a "must have" for those who are looking to get published. It lists every publisher, what they publish (very specific), how one submits work to each publisher, the contact person, etc. etc. So, I guess with the purchase of that book my journey into the black hole of publishing will begin. Thousands have entered but only a few emerge alive. We'll see where I land, with feet down? like a stealth and able cat? Or like my retarted ex-cat Punkin, who never landed on his feet and consistently ran head first into walls? I think there may be a cat lesson here somewhere. Perhaps the time has come for me to get a cat for my experience, you know, my journey in cat forms! "Lessons from a Cat." Every poet needs a foil, an alter ego. I could put a hat on him. Perhaps I could name him Elliot!! hmmmm . . . this is getting better and better as I think it out. And to think I just thought of it four lines ago. It was the denoumount of this blog post wasn't it? All is solved . . . I need a cat.


(and in case anyone is wondering, It'll probably have to go to a household vote next)

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